It's a big wide world out there…

Born and raised on a farm in Australia, I skipped over to the UK as I turned 30 in search of a bigger world. London didn't disappoint and I relished the diversity, the seasons, late summer sun and the cheap travel to Europe.

I worked my socks off in the city. I explored the UK countryside. I became a frequent flier to Europe. I saw as much theater as my bank balance would allow. I met many a friend for a drink by the river. Greenwich Park was my sanctuary.

Life got infinitely better…

It was at a pub in London, watching Eurovision, that I met my husband. He loves me because I'm fun. I love him because he's funny. We're now parents to one amazing kid who's taught me the beauty of slowing down and living in the moment.

We've since moved out of London to a quintessential English village surrounded by trees, walking paths and wineries. It's bliss. Quiet, peaceful bliss. And when it's too quiet, London is a train ride away.

Some other things you may not need to know about me…

I love to read. I was 26 for about six years. I can snowboard. I have two cats. I eat food slower than the continental drift. I love to cook. I am a gardener; in theory, not practice. I am unapologetically optimistic.

I also love photography. A lot. Obviously.